home | site map | contact Waris Ali Shah  or Sarkar Waris Pak  was a Sufi saint from Dewa, Barabanki, India, who was the  successor to the Qadriyya -Razzakiyya Silsila. He was born in the 26th generation of Hazrat  Imam Hussain. The date of his birth is disputed, varying from 1233 A.H. to 1238 A.H. In Maarif  Warisya, the date of his birth is written as 1234 A.H. corresponding to 1809 of the Christian  era[citation needed]. His father, Syed Qurban Ali Shah, belonged to a landlord class and  completed his education in Baghdad.  SYED HAJI WARIS ALI SHAH BOOKS Hazrat Hafiz Akmal Shah Warsi was born in 1872 at Sanghoi Jhelum. He was the paternal uncle of Faqir Izat Shah Warsi. He got his preliminary education at home HAFIZ SYED AKMAL SHAH WARSI Hazrat Al-Haj Faqir Izat Shah Warsi was born on 09 Nov 1925 at ancestral village of Sanghoi Jhelum. His father was an eminent pious, physician and a retired Junior Commissioned Officer Subedar Qazi Muhammad Yousaf Qadri Sarwari FAQIR IZAT SHAH WARSI Copyright © Darbar-e-Alian Warsia Chapar Shareef (2012-13) Designed by MEDIA Solutions Gujar Khan Pakistan HOME